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If you dont play game  You must close Internet download manager if you cannot you uninstall internet download manager 

Fix 2

Trying to install game. No unity web player installed. The same error occurs if I install the unity web player first before attempting to start game. I've narrowed it down to the unity web player installing correctly but not being able to go to unity web player settings window ( without getting error. I've tried different unity web player file versions (,,,, The only version that installs correctly and allows me to go to the unity web player settings window is beta but this version installs in a different directory and immediately is updated by BSG resulting in this error again.

Unity Log: see attachment for unity log and system info inside of zip file

Please advise.

Workaround for unity error 'failed to load unity dll': 
1) download the zip file (
2) uninstall the unity web player
3) install version from the zip file
4) replace ... in the following step with your windows user name
5) delete the unity folder found in C:\Documents and Settings\...\Local Settings\Application Data\
6) copy the unity folder from the zip file to the location you just deleted it
7) the game and web player settings window should now be functional
8) ***note*** the unity web player may crash but you can refresh the browser window and try again

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